No Callem


We won’t keep quiet in the face of sexual harassment. Not at our festival nor anywhere else. If you need to, talk to us!
Primavera Sound has joined No Callem, a protocol of action against sexual harassment at night-time venues backed by the Barcelona Town Hall together with other venues and festivals from the city.
We want to festival to be safe for everybody. That is why:
- There will be a No Callem information stand located in the Parc del Fòrum at your disposal
- There will be staff moving around the site giving information and watching out for any possible cases of harassment
- Everybody working at the festival has received information about the initiative and its protocol of action 
- If you witness any case of harassment or of unacceptable behaviour, please tell a member of our team
We are here to have a good time and to enjoy the music. Thank you very much for making Primavera Sound a festival free from violence against women.