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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Advice on how to find different ways to enjoy Shellac if you have seen them on their twelve previous visits to the festival: 1) Try to work out to what dark (and probably very noisy) band Steve Albini and Bob Weston’s tee shirts are giving a nod. 2) Put your fist down and take note of Albini’s lyrics, a master in declaring lacerating haikus. 3) Sharpen your antenna and stand next to somebody who is seeing The Three Caballeros of Chicago in 2019 for the very first time. In his or her amazed eyes you will see your own reflection, and you’ll realise that it really doesn’t matter if you have seen them once, twice or hundreds of thousands of times. Because as somebody once said, every time that Todd Trainer unleashes his drumsticks to mark the beginning of a new session of electric materialism, it is as if it were the beginning of the first concert in our life. As natural, and as necessary as breathing itself.

Dude Incredible (Touch & Go Records, 2014)