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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona



French is the language of love, but what is the language of self-love? Without a doubt it is the language that Héloïse/Hélo, Christine/Chris has been singing in since her debut Chaleur Humaine (2014) swept right up the UK charts like a tsunami of pansensuality, tenderness and strength. Goosebumps anyone? With that lips to lips with Perfume Genius?  The story of Christine and the Queens is one where you need to strip back layers, to be left with the bare essence. It empowers her and through it, she empowers us. Masculine or feminine, English or French, pop intimacy or folk lust, trauma or activism, him or her. The moment has come where it is no longer necessary to ask whether we are Victor or Victoria: we are in the era of being Chris And Christine.

Chris (Because Music, 2018)