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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona

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Although you may be tempted to believe that when Jack Adams (of Mumdance) and James Kelly (of WIFE) say that Bliss Signal is their metal project it’s a boutade, this is no boutade at all. To start with, a simple google of Kelly’s background reveals that he belongs to textbook black metal bands (Altar of Plagues) and that he is inclined to graft experimental electronic music and satanic distortion, and finally, because in the rolling mist of his eponymous EP there are lessons learnt from Godflesh, Sleep and Sunn O))). That is to say, that when the ambient element gains resolution, we realise that the pixel was pure guitar (or more precisely five hundred superimposed guitars). When black metal hides in the dark, it is even more frightening.

Bliss Signal (True Panther Sounds, 2018)