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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Desperados Cube


A superficial stalking of Courtesy’s Instagram tells you, more or less, that she is a normal person: you see her stroking a cat, in cafes, on a picnic, in bed, on an indoor football field (that’s her standing up, in the middle), hugging and messing with her friends… But, if we look at it through a magnifying glass, then a fleeting scrutiny of Najaaraq Vestbirk’s social networks shows that there is nothing normal here: Courtesy is exceptional. This Danish woman (born in Greenland) never stops travelling, looking for records and then playing them for everybody, she has worked on the sybaritic podcast-scene since she was a teenager and often teams up with the Apeiron Crew and has her own label Ectotherm. Oh, and the godfathers of electronic music and the connoisseurs are queuing up for her remixes. That’s what happens when you understand techno better than anyone: texturized, maniac, melodic and ... interstellar.

Dekmantel Podcast 166 (2018)