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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Nowadays an algorithm can hear you saying that you feel like fish and chips and recommend the nearest chippy instantly, it can know when you have bought a hotplate and suggest various cooking gloves, or plug into the new ad campaign for trainers so that you don’t spend a single moment without visual stimulus. Let’s be honest, it’s easy to feel that your privacy is being invaded. But when your algorithm understands you, when you have a friendly algorithm, it brightens up your life: that option which is much cheaper than the one you were looking at… or that artist that you would’ve have taken ages to discover. In this current world of formulas, Clairo’s music is perfect precisely because it doesn’t go with anything: it’s sweet pop with guitars instead of bedroom electronic beats; it’s young and fresh without falling into urban clichés; it’s new but it makes you feel at home.

Heaven (Interscope, 2018)