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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Some days, Yves Tumor’s songs seem to be clad in a wetsuit: skin tight, extremely stylised contours, a very physical presence.... On other days, these very same tracks seem to be dressed in tutus: graceful, capricious and as delicate as tulle. Most of the time, though, the music by Sean Bowie (the artist of a thousand pseudonyms and two thousand projects’ real name) manages to combine wetsuits and tutus simultaneously. An image, that may be impossible or even shocking, but is definitely glam, very glam. Or even neo-glam, if we want to create a new scene along with Arca, Mykki Blanco and SOPHIE. Is there any sexier way of embracing in one single word all the styles that appear on Safe in the Hands of Love? Shoegaze, R&B, experimental soul, psychedelia, noise, funk... Styles understood as a mother of pearl surface on which we can sashay happily ever after. Ambiguity = identity.

Safe in the Hands of Love (Warp, 2018)