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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



At just twenty something, RRUCCULLA finds enjoyment in drawing sounds. Colouring them, relishing them, scattering them all around the house (or as she would say, the cave) until it’s a huge mess. It’s this childish mentality, worthy of free jazz but that here transmits itself through a hyper modern language, the one that makes the prolific musician from Barakaldo, Izaskun González a rarity on the national panorama. You'll find echoes of the deformed avant gardism of SOPHIE, of Thundercat’s acid jazz, of Japanese math rock and even of Kandinsky's impressionism in her playful 3D compositions. With zero academic music sense but plenty of intuition, her music is not about notes and chords but about shapes, textures and colours. A stimulating amalgam that shines brighter than ever with its  synth drum beats on SHuSH, yet another record in her chaotic catalogue that as even caught Pitchfork’s attention.

SHuSH (Bip Bip Records, 2018)