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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Halfway between Barcelona (where she was born) and London (where her creative spark lit up), Odina could sing her songs on a desert island. Or in the Arctic Polar Circle, surrounded by silence and icebergs. Those are the perks of having an acoustic guitar as your instrument of choice and not a digital recreation. Although she could if she wanted to, Blanca Romero does not settle for a childlike voice that has a Joanna Newsom-ish ring and icy melodies about breakups and existential questions; she embellishes them even more with subtle winds a la Beirut, choruses that take after the first Bon Iver and even some flashy use of vocoder. And with all these elements she builds up her little song castle, a castle that is only hers and in which we'll surely see her grow.

Nothing Makes Sense EP (AntiFragile Music, 2018)