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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Desperados Cube


Do you know anyone who doesn’t like Mafalda? We are talking about the one by Quino, but we are going to give you reasons to not be able to resist liking the London-based Portuguese DJ either. And we will do it… by quoting the comic book Mafalda of course. “As soon as you put your feet on the ground the fun stops”: we’re going to have fun and walk on air with her elegant jazzy sessions, full of soul imagination. “The problem is that there are more self-interested people than interesting ones”: Not in the world of Mafalda! A regular of Dekmantel, friends of Sam “Floating Points” Shepherd and his partner in Melodies International, and with a good address book full of contacts who are ready to affirm that her charisma and good humour are a breath of fresh air. So “let’s all be happy without asking ourselves why” at her next visit to the Parc de Fòrum and, well, if you want “to leave this world” let it be after dancing with (and thanks to) her.

Dekmantel podcast 172 (2018)