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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona



“Alright, alright, so now you are all into reggaeton and that, but you aren’t gonna dig any deeper than J Balvin, the big name in the spotlight, are you?”. Well, let’s see. Mmmm. Alright, got it. Parc del Fòrum will host performances by Japanese, Don Chezina or DJ Playero. Pioneers. Shape creators. The Classics. Living Historyeton. And on top of that, drumroll here, (drum machine drumroll, of course), Ivy Queen. How do you like that? All of the above applies to Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodríguez, and trebles in value: she is the queen bee of a style considered by many as only masculine. She is the closest thing to La Lupe of reggaeton (or hip hop, bachata or urban latin music; she has a go at everything). A one woman stand straight from the vagina. She is also the author of Quiero bailar, a hit from 1998 that sounds like a God(dess) busy creating the planets between hip thrusts and buttock jiggles. In 2018 Ivy Queen is still tough, still goes all the way down, still has all her swag on. That’s why the Puerto Rican diva sneaked onto our line up and even made it onto the lineup announcement.

Llego la Queen (La Commission LLC, 2019)