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Sunday June 2

Primavera Sound Barcelona

La [2] de Apolo


“They told me that they couldn’t understand how I could be such a good DJ and be so beautiful”. “I’m hot, young and South American”.“I DJ for all those who have been humiliated at some time or other for their musical taste, their origins or their sexual orientation”. All of these are declarations from the sofa of the Argentina by birth, Spanish by adoption and global by vocation, Sofía Conti. Flaca DJ, to you mate. The sessions by the reggaeton lover, student of the genres’ classics and activist on the scene, are a “safe area” where there’s no room for classism, racism or chauvinism. She is part of the project CHICA and with the authentic generosity of a scene that goes beyond name-dropping; her nights of neoperreo with la raza are more effective than fluoxetine for releasing endorphins.  Be careful, they can be addictive.

Belicosa (a/e 2018)