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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Your Heineken Stage


What was that arty post-punk band that was all, or almost all girls called? The Slits. No. The Raincoats. No. Kleenex, LiLiPUT, Essential Logic? No, no, they were from New York and could slash funk with a knife and you could dance to them. ESG? Similar, but the girl who sang and played the guitar came from no wave, she played with James Chance’s Contortions. Wait! You mean the ones that recorded a live cassette released on ROIR with the cover by Peter Zaremba and Jeffrey Lee Pierce? Yes, with twisted cover versions of John Lennon and The Troggs! Aaaah, you mean Bush Tetras. That’s right! The band with that brilliant track that sounded like LCD Soundsystem but 30 years ago. Too Many Creeps. That’s the one. Well, you know what?  What? They are playing at Primavera Sound.

Take the Fall EP (Wharf Cat Records, 2018)