35 / 36

Tuesday May 28

Primavera Sound Barcelona

La [2] de Apolo


Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Night Pro


Imagine being in a club, at the best moment of the night. Your body has let itself go to the rhythms and, suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see a woman, standing right in the middle of the dance floor, not moving a muscle, just watching the scene with attitude. The scene gets even more perturbing when you realize that she is the one producing the wild beats. This woman answers to the name of Aleksandra Grünholz, aka We Will Fail, and it has been a while since she danced, she doesn’t go out at night. That, she says, belongs to another lifetime, one that she looks at in a puzzled way, almost as if she were thinking “was I really like that?”. That’s probably why she has made an album that is as intriguing as Dancing, which channels all the sensations of its author, an intruder in the disco, deconstructing hedonism with a clinical eye.

Dancing (Refined Productions, 2018)