25 / 36

Wednesday May 29

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Day Pro


Laura Llopart has so much to offer that we always ask for more. We want her to be anarchically sonic, synaesthesiatically abstract, deeply introspective, conscientiously activist and, yes, why deny it, sometimes also danceable. But, above all, we want her to be what she wants to be. We want the only filter between Museless and us be synthetic. And we still want more. We want to know what she has been up to since her album Dichotomic History (2017) that became part of the Barcelona soundscape, and we want to feel what we did that very first time at Primavera Club, or that second time in the Fòrum.  But last of all, sincerely: we want her to be our muse forever.

Anonymous (Luup Records, 2019)