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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Day Pro


Come and see the fabulous and slightly hair raising world of David Pasqual Huertas, aka Mr. Perfumme, and his followers. A universe of literary folk rock and of decadence, which disconcerts and fascinates with its lyrical games and twisted humour. Drunk on words, Mr. Perfumme proclaims his discourse on many fronts (he has written two novels) and, like Pablo und Destruktion (collaborator on his latest album, Viva la sangre), he has a natural gift for giving poise and elegance to what in the hands of another would simply sound sordid and insane. Come and see and then decide if it is worth coming back to the real world or whether it is preferable to stay in front of this unusually accurate distorting mirror.

Viva la sangre (autoeditat, 2018)