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Wednesday May 29

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Day Pro


Hey, let’s go to that stage it really sounds like Animal Collective”, said electronic music. “You’re nuts, can’t you see it’s Beach House?”, said dream pop. ”You have no idea, it must be Slowdive” thundered Shoegaze. Agost heard them from the stage and smiled, because this Barcelona trio are the only ones who know that the all three of them were right. They sound like all of them because they have layers of sound to give and take from their debut EPs and, above all, from the album they have just released on Hidden Track Records. They have presented it with Heh, christened like the Egyptian god of infinite space, and this alone is the definition that settles the argument about what their music is like: infinite, expansive and divine.

Dim Out (Hidden Track Records, 2018)