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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona



If this year we wanted our line up to be a party where no empowered, groundbreaking, carefree and controversial artist was left out...we had to invite her. So: hi, Miley. You up for it? Join the party. You don’t like it? Miley Cyrus doesn’t give a f*ck. At 26 years old she has already been around the block a few times: from Hannah Montana to country music diva, from Miley Cyrus to that Bangerz (2013) that scandalized everyone and got the mainstream twerking before anybody else did. With the doors of female empowerment wide open, Miley practiced what best defines her: don’tgiveafuckism. You want an album of psychedelia together with the Flaming Lips and with the collaboration of Ariel Pink? Here you go: Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz (2015). And after, on Younger Now (2017), another swing of the pendulum: pure pop –maybe because today there is no better subversion than that. Ms Cyrus has already announced that her next album, which she will debut at Primavera Sound, will be like her: “genre-less”. Is there anything more The New Normal than that? Miley, we are ready for you.

Younger Now (RCA, 2017)