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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Auditori Rockdelux


There is loads to say about Terry Riley and Gyan Riley’s visit to Primavera Sound. However, we cannot tell you very much about what will happen when father and son get on stage. This is part of the deal when you invite an avant-garde standard bearer to your festival, somebody who has secured his place in history via a musical (and real-life) stance that has made a breach with his minimalist improvisation in the formerly monolithic regime of musical scores. For now, the only thing that we can tell you about the concert is that Riley senior will ensconce his iconic beard at the piano, maybe moving closer to the mic from time to time to recite mantras, whilst his son’s fingers move up and down a guitar that has had conversations with Lou Reed, John Zorn and Lee Ranaldo, amongst others. The lights will go down, you will hear the first notes and, then, the unknown, the unexpected… Freedom.

Live (Sri Moonshine Music, 2011)