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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Desperados Cube


I'm sorry that astronaut will be brought back from her own chosen heaven.”: This is the cosmic motto that Google gives us when we ask about Ina Cube, Laurel Halo. What we will have to discover for ourselves is which heaven the most restless muse of contemporary electronic music has chosen for her next record. It could be the robot/human riddle from Behind The Green Door and its perturbing sexuality (it is no coincidence that it takes its title from one of the most popular adult movies in the first era of porn). Maybe one fed with the fundamental elements of Detroit techno, or could it be an ambient, electroacoustic and expansive heaven like on the recent Raw Silk Uncut Wood? Or jazzy, dark and with deep bass like on Dust (2017), or even confessional in the style of Quarantine, the only thing that is clear is that we will have to be there to find out.  Because Laurel Halo never repeats anything… except her talent to mutate, transform and surprise.

Raw Silk Uncut Wood (Latency, 2018)