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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona



They are not the “girlfriends of”anyone. They don’t need a kid who wants to pick them up to put them on the guestlist. Nor anybody will tell them what to say, or how to say it: with Greca-like riffs, subversion of stereotypes, humorous criticism of the role that women have dealt with until now and a combination of groovy 60s and riot grrrrl, Las Odio dispatch in verse what everyone of us has thought at some time or other in prose. Declaring their intentions on their debut record Futuras Esposas (future wives), the Madrid quartet is not married to anyone and even less to romantic love, to phoney gentlemen who carry amplifiers for damsels in distress or to having to get home before midnight (have a listen to Blackout, and see if you identify). At this point, we affirm and sign here and now that that the Indiespañol (Spainindie) that they criticise is on its way out.

Autoficción (2019)