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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona



It has the reputation of being serious and a little depressive, but shoegaze laughs its head off when anyone suggests that it is a backward looking genre. HA! Can you hear that hum under those layers of distortion that are arranged like a lasagne, that healthy spurt of reverb and that semi-whispering voice? Yes, that’s right, it is shoegaze in hysterics because it knows that bands like Just Mustard adopt its label to mutate it, magnify it, fuse it with other sounds and even destroy it if it is necessary to make their own path. Depending on the moment, their music can go towards the dark or the light; looking down at their shoes or looking outwards. Or better still: mixing everything up. Just shoegaze? No, man, no: Just Mustard.

Frank (Pizza Pizza Records, 2019)