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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Ray-Ban Studios


“Forest Drive West”, announce the neon lights at the entrance to the bar. “The name is cool” you think, so you go in. It’s packed with people that look as if they have come from the coolest bar in Berlin, the type that could recite the entire roster of labels such as Livity Sound Recording, - you know that Modeselektor and Palms Trax are signed to it- so that’s something-. In the atmosphere floats dense and cinematic electronic music, on one toilet door it says “techno” on the other “jungle”, and at the very back is the man behind all of this. Somebody told you that the owner of the dive is from the United Kingdom, that people are fighting over him as a producer… not much else is known about him. But you have already decided that you’ll find out what’s going down. So you go through the door, stare at your objective...and let the door shut behind you.

Apparitions (Livity Sound Recordings, 2018)