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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Xiringuito Aperol


“Music that you can almost dance to”.  This is how Too Slow To Disco defines his re releases and DJ sessions.  Looking at his selection of rediscoveries, maybe he should change it for “music that you will definitely like again”. From Berlin, the clairvoyant DJ Supermarkt (Le Hammond Inferno) selects soft-rock, AOR and 70s Californian yacht rock in sessions that reveal that in the tracks of this repertoire originating from the ill-reputed old school FM one can find golden nuggets in the sediment. Also from the German capital, the detective Frinda Di Lanco defends that in bookstore soul, white label disco-funk and in the outlets of ibizan and italo rhythms you can find incredible bargains. The threesome is completed by Ecran Total, French archaeologist of Groove and co-founder of Crème de Coco & VeSTeS. Her personal label is irreproachable: only feel-good music (known and unknown). So, all things considered, here goes our amendment to Too Slow To Disco:  Of course you can dance to it!

Too Slow To Disco, Vol.1 (How Do You dare, 2014)