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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Like walking through the corridors of a neoclassical art museum, when the immersive tracks by David August pull you in, you are gobsmacked, expectant before reminiscence of the past and abstractions of the future. Between ambient soundscapes and the most cerebral club music, like being between two civilizations, the Germanic and the Roman. The Hamburg artist fell in love with the piano at the tender age of five and with electronic music when he was still a teenager, but he didn’t last long as a DJ of pre-recorded sessions: nowadays he only defends his project live. Be it reflecting himself in Narcissus's pool, chatting with Dante or even reinterpreting Caravaggio, on his latest LP DANGELO he goes back to his roots to find his own truth. And in doing so, reaches ecstasy.

D’ANGELO ([PIAS], 2018)