211 / 226

Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Parc del Fòrum

Only fifteen tracks of 60 seconds each. Fifteen perfectly timed minutes. Fifteen vignettes that may become the comic of your life, are enough to submerge us into a strange reality that, despite its briefness we have still not fully understood.  Such concision has left no ideas in the inkwell of the artist formerly known as Dizzle Dizz: dreams and nightmares, surrealist lyricism, a neo-soul voice that lifts you with or without puffs of helium and a visual accompaniment for each and every one of her micro songs (here too, precisely a quarter of an hour) that are well worth watching. In the era of matches on Tinder it seemed impossible, but Tierra Whack has delivered a work that is the daughter of its time that transcends and leaves its mark. Isn’t that incredible? Give it a Super Like!

Gloria (2019)