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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Galicia born Belén Vidal proposes an immersion to the depths of the being. With a choral concept of music, strongly linked to the label and collective Arkestra Discos she co founded together with Mwëslee. BFlecha brings together pop instinct and sound research marked by her fluid voice and oceanic arrangements.  The result: the artist's ability to surf the avant garde of R&B like nobody else, even if she never does it just to look good in front of her friends. Discerning in the era of oversaturation and hyper-connectivity, Vidal has taken it easy: Kwalia comes four years after βeta (2013) with which we took our first dive, and she does it with even more loving care if possible, adding a hint of love, oriental Zen and philosophy to the beat.

Arecibo (Arkestra Discos, 2018)