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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Oh Robyn, how the world has changed since you released Body Talk in 2010. Yours and ours. Since you sang Dancing On My Own, that break-up/heartbreak anthem that was also an anthem to self-love. We have missed you, like you have missed us. But you needed time to shape those new songs in which you process everything that has happened to you during this time, the pain, the loss, the power and the passing of the days. You have always defied the structures of pop, the visible ones as well as the invisible ones, and you have always maintained that the female voice wasn’t here to only say what others wanted it to say. It has been eight years since you spoke to us and on Honey we can see that you are once again powerful, subversive, vulnerable but ready to fight. At peace. And now, at last, we will see each other. We will be dancing with you!

Honey (Konichiwa, 2018)