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Wednesday May 29

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Apolo Venue


Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona

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Hardcode, they say, is a short song that goes straight for the jugular. But for Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham, this definition falls short as almost everything else does.  According to him, the genre is big enough to take on board extensive narratives and Dionysian epic. And this is demonstrated by the majestic punk operas by Fucked Up, such as David Comes to Life and its spiritual follow up Dose Your Dream, in which the man behind all of this hands over the spotlight to a selection of guests that includes Owen Pallett, J Mascis and the most elusive of all the Miss America (s), Mary Margaret O’Hara.  If such a stylistic melting pot makes you feel lost, don’t worry. Go to the front of the crowd and when you (literally) get rammed by Damian you will remember that, even if they dress up their songs in wilsonian harmonies and disco salsa, the domains of Fucked Up are still that of relentless pogoing.

Dose Your Dream (Merge, 2018)