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Sunday June 2

Primavera Sound Barcelona

CCCB - Barcelona


We know each other so well that we even recognise the expression on our faces when we listen to a song and fall in love… You look into our eyes and we don’t know where to look, because...we don’t know how to lie, we are no good at cheating, you can see on our faces that the#between Pimp Flaco and Solo Astra, Solo Astra and Pimp Flaco, has stolen our hearts with just one arrow in the form of a song and a handful of concerts in which trap moves closer to pop and indie snuggles up to urban sounds. Wow. We cannot fool you, you can tell immediately, and that’s why they were the band that was chosen to unveil Hermanx, Primavera Labels’ street-cred-genre division. And now that you know when we are pretending, oh, oh, oh, and you won’t believe our lies anymore, ah, ah, ah. We don’t know how to lie, we don’t know how to cheat, no, no,no, no, no, no: Cupido take aim. We will always be your target.

Préstame un sentimiento (Hermanx, 2019)