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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



With Esmeralda, they told Nathy Peluso that she would be one of the greats of trap, to which the Madrid-based Argentinian artist replied, “thanks, but no thanks” (we are being diplomatic: her actual words were “so fucking what?”).  Seeing that they were bound to try and pigeonhole her whatever she did, she started to prepare a record of which the very title would serve to define her: La Sandunguera. Ergo, somebody who has sandunga. Wit. Mojo. And, a record that also breaks down the urban barriers that revolve around vocal jazz, melodic song, R&B and salsa raps.  In truth, the styles are a MacGuffin that carry the extremely personal flow controlled by the artist and through which she magnifies emotions that are larger than life.

Natikillah (Taste The Floor, 2019)