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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Black clouds gather over post-Brexit Britain. It could seem as if there are no longer any reasons for optimism, except the proliferation of artists who are furious to see how everything is going to hell is one. In the midst of this mess appears slowthai, a kid from the outskirts of Northampton who at the age of 23 is turning grime upside down with violent punk manners. As a kid they would taunt him by calling him “Slow Ty”, because of his observant introspection. Could it be that he was talking, but nobody was listening? Because what this artist produces is not some kid’s tantrum, but intelligent, cutting and abrasive verses that shoot out of nowhere. They hit you in the fucking face and, just as we saw at Primavera Club, blend with the audience in shows full of sweaty, dark energy where Tyron Frampton strips, bellows, spits and expulses his rage.

Peace Of Mind (Method, 2019)