249 / 259

Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Ray-Ban Studios


Just because of the shot of The Sacrifice by Tarkovski that comes up when we go to her Facebook page, upsammy deserves our attention (and all our respect). This referential gateway shows that the experimental dance music that the Dutch artist Thessa Torsing makes is a graveyard of the obvious. The layers of beats, samples and melody aspire to a transcendental style. To the mystic. When she DJs instrumental hip hop, ambient or IDM, De School (her residence club in Amsterdam) feels like The Zone. “I want to hear the weirdness in the music she says. That’s maybe why upsammy also likes to sculpt the material that lies between downtempo, mid tempo and uptempo; likes to give shape to time without using prefixes.

Another Place EP (Nous'klaer Audio, 2018)