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Tuesday May 28

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Apolo Venue


The fact that Peter Sagar was Mac DeMarco’s guitarist until 2013 is starting to be purely anecdotal. Ok, yes there were a couple of cassettes with low quality trappings and one or two demos that kept him lethargically in bed, but that interminable hangover in a stuffy room is over.  With Fresh Air (2017), the Canadian musician opens the windows wide open, shakes out the sheets and… wow, surprise! This doesn’t sound like DeMarco or like any other scruffy imitator on the guitar. In fact, there are no guitars here, but elastic synthesisers, thrift store drum machines and toy keyboards. The artist flirts with synth-pop, chillwave and R&B. Helium-inflected voices that are desperate after several days of nonstop partying. Choruses that are so catchy that they make it easier to face a new day.  At last, some fresh air.

Helium (Sinderlyn, 2019)