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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona

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Lidia Damunt’s songs have the strange virtue of getting into your head, messing with your memories and installing images there that are so sharply defined that they look real. Didn’t Lidia appear singing (her acoustic guitar slung across her, tambourine on her ankle) in the last shots of Johnny Guitar? Was she or wasn’t she a backing singer on that plateau with the Sparks? (or maybe it was Hidrogenese, oh I don’t know) Wasn’t she the one on the cyclostyled flyers for the first riot grrrl gigs at Olympia? And what about the woman who is driving with her eyes closed, but open, to the rhythm of DIY techno pop on Stanley Sunday’s latest video? Ah, yes, that is her. It is the video for the single El túnel. You see? With such a suggestive and surprise-filled career as is hers we can’t distinguish (and don’t want to) sleep from wakefulness. What have you done to us Lidia?  What have you done?!

El túnel (single) (Austrohúngaro, 2018)