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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Desperados Cube


The clock struck twelve and we all turned into pumpkins. All of us? No, Izabel Caligiore was getting herself ready for the graveyard shift at PBS Radio in Melbourne. There, with her laptop and the whole record collection of the radio station to explore, she started to play the music that you play when nobody else is listening. In the dark, alone and lying on the sofa she began to discover songs that pushed her to the edge of hallucination. That programme in trance was called Lullabies for Insomniacs, the same name that this Amsterdam-based DJ called the label that she created to release mixes of, let’s say, different sounds (she has released around 60 so far).  Experimental music? Sleepwalker music.

VVAA, Turn on Tune in (LFI, 2017)