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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Stop for just one minute you are going too fast! Stop and listen to your b-boy dad banging on about the soothing and jazzy flow of Guru, Q-Tip and Mos Def because maybe one day you will be saying the same about Loyle Carner to your kids. You will tell them that in his early twenties this South London orator wouldn’t stop going on and on. How he went on! Slowly but surely. His tone never wavered. But nevertheless, he said everything he had to say; he said it loud and clear. It wasn’t a question of volume, but one of prosody. Of warmth. It was the pleasure of listening to someone talk for the sake of talking wrapped in soft funk, black pop and healing jazz. Last year he was at Primavera Sound as part of his friend Tom Misch’s party crew. And the year before he could have come with his mate Kate Tempest. Tell me who you hang round with and I will tell you that you are young, talented and that the future is yours.

Not Waving, But Drowning (AMF Records, 2019)