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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona



This “guitar music is dead thing” has got boring now. It’s boring and, to tell you the truth, it’s wrong. If we get purist about it, maybe this kid, who oozes coolness out of every pore and expresses trap through his outfits, is not the classical #sowhite British indie rock artist, and some may even say that he doesn’t even come close. But hey, maybe the time has come to move on from Blur and the Arctic Monkeys of Fluorescent Adolescent and start a toxic relationship with Londoner Bakar. Although this will hurt the guitar monogamists, the kid is a great guitar pimp. Sometimes he’ll make you feel like Bloc Party did, or he will mess around like King Krule. One thing’s for sure though: he’ll make you feel new things you’ve never felt before while he regurgitates rock’n’roll in his own unique way. Or should we say rock’n’swag?

Badkid (bash*, 2018)