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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona



If Picasso had been around at the same time as Adventure Time, he would have been so gobsmacked that if he might have dedicated a series of paintings to it which would have looked very much like the plastic imagery of Iglooghost, Seamus Malliagh’s artistic name. This visual and digital music artist from Ireland has found a playful and creative register that allows him to be as different, imaginative and fun in his music as he is in the accompanying visuals. Toffee vanguardism, Kandinski-esque synth-pop.  Between his 2017, Neō Wax Bloom, and the EPs that follow it, Clear Tamei and Steel Mogu, Iglooghost has erected and demolished entire cities of whimsical electronic constructions. An arty and sonic Lego whose colourful pieces come together and then break up as if they were alive.

Steel Mogu EP (Gloo, 2018)