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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona



When he announced that he was HIV positive, the artist and poet Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. thought that he was killing off the career of his alter ego Mykki Blanco, the one with which he trans-identifies every time he feels like producing rat-a-tat rap. In fact quite the opposite happened, the affection that Mykki received made him realise that he had become an indispensable figure on the underground hip hop circuit; a presence that had opened up a space and a multitude of possibilities on the scene for all those life options that do not adhere to heteronormavity. In his case, that proud difference gains strength from sonic terror, explicit lyrical poetry and a component of performance that, live, makes this musician a electrifying, unpredictable and threatening presence which is pure excitement.

Mykki (!K7 Dogfood, 2016)