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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Thanks 4 nothing is like a hot shower. Keep On Calling relaxes you like that massage that you should have had five months ago. And the cover of Hey by the Pixies with which Nilüfer Yanya made a name for herself in 2016… Wow! Words fail me! Because you get out of prison, but not out of the loop that you get into when listening to this cover. It is a life-sentence crush. It was totally predictable that we were going to love this 22-year-old Londoner’s thing, so soul, so jazz and so indie while at the same time not so soul, not so jazz and not so indie.  But hello? How were we not going to be seduced by that genial verse reminiscent of a millenial Nina Simone and by the vocal caress like that of an urban Julie London? How were we mere mortals going to resist when The xx and Mitski (she has shared stages with both) have succumbed before us? How can you not fall in love with everything that Nilüfer Yanya does? You tell me? How?

Miss Universe (ATO Records, 2019)