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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Desperados Cube


Yours! Octo Octa (whose secret identity, shhhh, is: Maya Bouldry-Morrison) brings a loop of a sort of remix of a remix of a remix of a classical house hit. Mine! Eris Drew glues it all together with deep house and a flexibility that is almost lysergic (lesson learnt and taught at conferences about Shamanism and the history of rave culture). Yours! The producer, creator and DJ from New Hampshire moves towards a type of old-school breakbeat that nobody would have imagined when she signed to 100% Silk. Mine! The Chicago DJ decides to drench it all in love, like at the voluptuous Motherbeat events that she has created: the electronic music that will dominate this four-hand session will be as full of love and warmth as it is sexy and wild. We don’t know if this b2b will be exactly like this, but it would be brilliant if it were (disclaimer: it will probably be much better).