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Thursday May 30

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Desperados Cube


0:01, the warble of a bird, or of a million birds. 0:14, you can hear the howl of an unknown animal in the background. 0:30, the chants of an Amazonian tribe begin to sound. What is this? Relaxation sounds from around the world? Wait till the bombshell at second 59 and the keyboards at a minute and a half and you will see just what Hector Barbour can do when he goes by the name of Denis Sulta. Some people say he is one of the next new sensations of house. He unashamedly dips into any sounds he can get his hands on transforming the sound of crickets (maybe?) into a mesmerizing loop on Nein Fortiate (2017), Four Tet never gets tired of playing Dubelle Oh XX (JVIP) in his sessions and you have to fight to get into his resident sessions at the Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh… Wait, was that a clap of thunder that ended the track at minute 6?

Sulta Selects Vol.3 (Sulta Records, 2017)