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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Some swear that they have seen people playing chess during a Stereolab concert. But don’t think that this is because these discotheque scholars are resigned to making muzak. On the contrary: at the beginning of the nineties, Tim Gane, Laetitia Sadier and Co learnt all the dialects from lounge to krautrock with the aim of sharpening their senses. Faced with formulaic songs, they preferred to imagine what bubblegum melodies would sound like in John Cage’s head, elaborating a thesis that today has become the history in capital letters of modern pop. After a ten-year hiatus, these professors have reactivated their exquisite laboratory, for now to re-release early singles and rarities of an experimental corpus that still possesses a surprising emotional wealth, as well as a magnetic brilliance that attracts all those who understand dance as a deconstruction of movement.

Switched On Volumes 1-3 (Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks, 2018)