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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Auditori Rockdelux


There were seven samurai who rode with Kurosawa. And seven are the ones who embark on the new project launched by the sensei of ambient music Tim Hecker, whom we will meet at the battle of the Konoyo(2018). The first is called Gagaku, the one that takes up the arms of traditional music played for centuries in the imperial palaces of Japan and which is so similar to ambient in its seriousness.  Then come the triplets Hichiriki, Shō and Ryūteki, instruments at the service of the wind. The fourth is Yo, the pentatonic scale without minor notes that cascades through all melodies it encounters. The fifth and the sixth warriors came from afar: Loop and Drone are their names, and bringing the blades of the katans into the XXI century is their bushidō, their code of honour. And the seventh and last… is a rōnin. A vagabond. Tim Hecker: “ The One Who Brings The Music Together”, according to his banner. Seven samurai for just one ensemble. One sole mission.  And even when the last has bowed his head, when there is nobody left on the battlefield, the sound of the synthesised haiku of a millennial music will still ring out.

Anoyo (Kranky, 2019)