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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Desperados Cube


Veronica, darkness of my life, ice in my guts.  My sin, my soul. Ve-ro-ni-ca. Any reference from the label that you founded in 2005, The Minimal Wave, to rescue vinyl records and cassettes of analogical electronic music that had been unfairly ignored is an obscure object of desire. All the lovers of drum machines and synths worldwide, not to mention myself, are worshippers of your online archive of forgotten/unearthed recordings.  Synth wave, electro underground, obscure italo, minimal pop, dance experimental, chillwave DIY…it doesn’t matter what genre you handle be it on the sub label Cititrax, in the programming or hosting of your East Village Radio shows, in your DJ sessions or again, in your own productions. Everything gains erotic capital when you touch it. Even when you don’t touch it. Veronica. Ve. Ro. Ni. Ca.

In Silhouette EP (Downwards, 2018)