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Friday May 31

Primavera Sound Barcelona



Imagine an airport lounge, there`s a This Mortal Coil fan, a Madredeus fan and a My Bloody Valentine fan. This is where lots of people would add: Let's open a discussion thread. But we don’t have to. Just by explaining that the three of them half-close their eyes when Poor Sucker by Low plays on the piped music says it all. To be honest it could be this song or any other track from Double Negative. With their latest album, although they have never taken a wrong step in their career, the Duluth trio has elevated their style to absolute sanctity. They have never sounded so otherworldly, so in media res. The distortion, the glitching, the silence as the way to levitation. Floating avant-gardism. Like an explosion in slow motion.

Double Negative (Sub Pop Records, 2018)