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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



The Pulpophiles of the world have only two commandments: you shall love Jarvis above all other things and you shall not read the lyrics of his songs whilst you listen to his songs. That is what Cocker himself taught us on Freaks (1987) and that is what we have done ever since. Buuuut he didn’t say anything about using those lyrics to write texts about him. From It (1982) fun fact, read the name of the band together with the name of the album and you will come up with the place from which the Sheffield artist preaches. We have always wanted to reach him, not to say touch him (Wishful Thinking), and then he became Master of the Universe with Pulp’s second album and his sexy stick insect moves, the puppeteer of our little brit hearts under his pointed fingers. But he also gets dirty and shows us he is one of us when he comes down and mixes with the audience in the Fòrum every time he visits, yelling Common People – hands up those who were at Primavera 2011 at that “we-are-going-to-make-history” concert with a passionate dedication to the protestors in Plaça Catalunya and with his “I Never Said I Was Deep”. Forgive us for not mentioning any track from His’n’Hers (1994) as we are incapable of listening to it and doing something else at the same time. He returned to the Fòrum in 2017 with Steve Mackey and his project Dancefloor Meditations, and we went to see him although we had no bloody idea what he would do. Just like we will go this time, again, like every time. Because you watch Jarvis, read him and love him.

Room 29 (Deutsche Grammophon, 2017)