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Saturday June 1

Primavera Sound Barcelona



On the eponymous track of his album The Colour In Anything, James Blake sings about what would happen if he woke up one day and was unable to find colour in anything. Blake doesn’t verbalise about what he would do, but he doesn’t need to.  All his sound and lyrical spectrum move around that point, where the invisible and the surface come together, always with that underlying tension that builds up but never fully explodes. Be it through heartbreak, sadness or existential emptiness, James Blake scores the music to that moment when one contemplates that abyss.  Through post-dubstep, to which he is like a godfather, autotune soul and that hip hop that fascinates him so much and on which he has had such an impact (with Kanye, with Kendrick, with RZA, with Travis Scott... and with Beyoncé), his songs dominate the space, the subtext and the textures. And often they do it out of anguish, because even if art doesn’t need pain, pain definitely needs art.

Assume Form (Polydor, 2019)