97 / 225

Saturday June 02

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Bacardí Live


There is a fragment on Immunity, the colossal latest record by Jon Hopkins, which perfectly describes his world. It is the one that comes right after the nine minutes of martial, abrasive and hypnotic Collider. When you are at 115 beats, climbing the walls and close to suffocation, he gives you a break and starts Abandon Window, a piece of contemplative ambient music with just a few piano notes and sweet echoes in the background. The hurricane and the silence, the calm after the storm. Jon Hopkins has the name of a poet, of a politician, of a university and he is actually a pianist, producer and DJ. But he could be a psychologist: few know how to manage emotions with such precision, be it with nostalgia on his soundtracks, with the detail in his trance-like songs or the aggressivity with which he uses organic techno. He drags you in, he protects you, he hurts you and cures you. He changes you.

Immunity (Domino, 2013)